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A three part art project - for a three year old


Caspar isn't an arty kind of guy. He's more into playing trucks and diggers. Sometimes I try to entice him to do a little bit more art. He has access to a lot of art materials and will paint, draw and create usually one-off pieces, you know the kind, it takes five minutes and then he's off to do something else. 

In an attempt to extend his thinking I thought about a three part art project. I knew air drying clay would be perfect and I had already some in the cupboard. 

Part one - cut out the shapes. Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes, pierce a hole and then leave to dry. The clay takes one or two days to completely dry depending on the weather. 

Part two - paint. Paint the shapes a variety of colours. Wait another day for the paint to dry. 

Part three - create. I helped Caspar with this part. We thread the shapes and some bells (for added effect) onto some old twine then strung to a stick to create a mobile/wind chime. Caspar hung with pride on his cubby house. 


A three part art project, perfect for a three year old. The clay cost around $10 but we used less than a quarter of it, all of the other materials we found around the house. 


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