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Video - Interlocking discs

Fine Motor Skills - 6 months

Otis is in this distinct period of development. He is spending most of his time on the floor learning to crawl, but he still needs stimulation for his hands. But he cannot sit up unaided. I have other materials just waiting for the right time - which isn't here yet. 


I am not sure what this grip is called. It surprised me. I didn't think he would be able to pick it up at all. 


But he did, over and over. For the longest time. One hand, two hands. 


It is the first time I have presented these to him. I wasn't sure what he would do. A dear friend once wrote to me 'Vediamo che cosa fa', let us see what the child can do. This was at the forefront of my mind. 


These organic vegetable puffs were made for the task. 


He takes my breath away. Children are A-MAZ-ING. 


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