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Follow your child's interests - Animals


Caspar's absolute favourite animal right now is the SHARK! We make frequent visits to our local aquarium to visit the sharks that live there.  

When he asked if a whale shark was a whale or a shark, I didn't know the answer. I stocked up on some resources. Firstly some model sharks then a reference guide. I quickly concluded a whale shark is in fact a shark - but it doesn't eat people.


It was a rainy day today and Otis decided to take a long nap. Armed with some new modelling clay, eyes, model sharks and reference guide - we made some sharks. Anatomically correct! 


The reference guide was a huge help. Unless you know a lot about your animal you may need help to be able to correctly name the body parts. And that's important. 


My theory is to grasp his interests and explore them as much as possible. It doesn't matter if it's horses, cats, dogs or sharks. We had a blast (clay under my fingernails and all!) and discovered just a little more about the mere shark.


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