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It may seem strange but I really don't like talking to people, in person, about parenting. Unless it is a good friend, you never know where the other person stands, and how easy is it to feel offended or possibly offend the other person. 

I especially dislike talking about sleep. Oh is he a good sleeper? My answer is always yes. Unless he's teething. I mean I don't want to get into a deep conversation with someone about how much my son is sleeping only to find out the other person has a strong view that I don't agree with. It just seems to cause conflict. Can't we talk about something else. 

On the other hand, when I find myself talking to a new mum, I want to reassure her than her child's sleeping patterns are completely normal but find it difficult to open up. 

So how does Otis sleep? Is it interesting to know? On most days he will still have two long sleeps 1-2 hours, a day and maybe a short nap here or there. There are days when he will only have one long sleep and more short naps. During the night he wakes a couple of times but unless he is teething, resettles quickly. 

With Otis being my second child, I am so much more relaxed. I don't look for answers or solutions. I don't have unreasonable expectations. I also know that children are different, it's not only about the parents or the techniques they use. Your success as a parent isn't dependent on how long your child sleeps. 

Also there is nothing worse than trying to defend your parenting philosophy to someone who really isn't interested. And why the pressure. Who sets the rules about how much or for how long a child should sleep, or when they should sleep through the night. Who is handing out the gold stars? And why haven't I got one yet?


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