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Otis is in this distinct period of development. He is spending most of his time on the floor learning to crawl, but he still needs stimulation for his hands. But he cannot sit up unaided. I have other materials just waiting for the right time - which isn't here yet. I am not sure what this grip is called. It surprised me. I didn't think he would be able to... Read more →

"The importance of this bread is both physical and psychological." - S.Montanaro. Understanding the Human Being. Physical as the child experiences food in it's solid state and psychological as it is often the first food the child feeds to himself. He hasn't actually eaten any yet. He is still working on getting it to his mouth. It won't be long - such great practice. Bread is also nice to hold... Read more →

I need some more advice - wool nappy covers

One of the great things about writing a blog is that you can ask questions and get some amazing advice. The advice I received about cloth nappies was spot on and exactly what I needed. What works, what doesn't, what's available, what's not. I am a person of great indecision and research so all of your combined experience has been invaluable. As we know which nappies we use depends on... Read more →

He is holding his spoon, waiting patiently for his food. I have moved his table and chair around. The table is now against the wall rather than the chair. Although the table is solid the chair (with him in it) is heavier so he actually feels more stable/locked in with the table against the wall. While I was determined to make an outline for the utensils, Otis is now using... Read more →

Caspar's absolute favourite animal right now is the SHARK! We make frequent visits to our local aquarium to visit the sharks that live there. When he asked if a whale shark was a whale or a shark, I didn't know the answer. I stocked up on some resources. Firstly some model sharks then a reference guide. I quickly concluded a whale shark is in fact a shark - but it... Read more →

I know Montessori wasn't into comparing children, no tests, no scores, no grades, no top of the class, no bottom of the class. I have never been one to take comparisons seriously. Be it sleep, crawling, clapping, walking, counting, saying the alphabet, saying the alphabet backwards. But one thing I find myself doing constantly is comparing my children to each other. Otis has teeth when Caspar had none, Otis is... Read more →

Often I find myself thinking about my children, their needs, activities, materials. Occasionally I feel the need to step back and look at the big picture. I decided to make a list of things my children really need. warmth comfort security good nutrition love quiet time/peace literature art music free space/room to move free time friendship real life experiences each other my time my energy Which then, of course got... Read more →

It may seem strange but I really don't like talking to people, in person, about parenting. Unless it is a good friend, you never know where the other person stands, and how easy is it to feel offended or possibly offend the other person. I especially dislike talking about sleep. Oh is he a good sleeper? My answer is always yes. Unless he's teething. I mean I don't want to... Read more →

Sorting cutlery is a great way for children to become familiar with cutlery before learning to set the table. This activity is most beneficial for younger children from around eighteen months/two years. There was never a time though that Caspar would have been interested to sit down at his table and do this activity alone. Simply it was never of interest. So, this becomes like so many other activities in... Read more →

We all know the child is capable of so many things. Yes a three year old can set the table. But how many actually do? Caspar will help in the kitchen, sometimes I ask and other times he just does. At three it is fun and purposeful. I know as he gets older he will become less interested. So if he doesn't or just cannot help with the food preparation... Read more →

I have another guest post over at MPMK here. I really love the way Steph has published these guest posts that bring a few Montessori ideas to such a large audience. Thank you Steph for having me over. While most of the activities I wrote about were more traditional Montessori, I also wrote about this activity pictured above, observing a root system. It has been a couple of weeks since... Read more →

I am always looking for new items for Otis to explore. I have been updating his treasure basket regularly but wanted to introduce a couple more 'baskets' to his shelves. I really like the idea of having a few items in a basket to allow the child to experience this freedom, this new power and ability to choose which item they will reach for and play with. Using a basket... Read more →