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Montessori Infant Mobiles - A summary and my recommendations

Montessori Infant Mobiles

This is a complete summary of the Montessori inspired mobiles we used with Otis. I apologise for the long post but I feel the topic is really important. Mobiles are an essential part of a Montessori infant environment and there is such little information available on them.  

1. The Munari Mobile. A classic black and white Montessori mobile we introduced to Otis when he was two weeks old.  

2. The Octahedron Mobile. Another classic Montessori mobile, introduced at around six weeks. 

3. The Gobbi Mobile. We introduced this at about eight weeks. Although this is a visual mobile we did lower it so Otis could start to bat at it.  

4. The Dancers Mobile. We introduced this at about ten weeks. 

5. Bell on a Ribbon. This is the first tactile mobile we gave Otis. We actually put it in our living area at around eight weeks. 

6. The Rainbow Ring Mobile. We hung this in our kitchen living area at three months. 

7. The Primary Colours Mobile. This is also a tactile mobile, designed to be bat and grasped at around three months.

8. Ring on a Ribbon. This mobile we used at around four months. Otis used this on his back and to reach up to on his tummy. 

Each and every mobile is beautiful and unique. Unless specifically mentioned we hung the mobiles in his room over his movement mat. If you want more information on a particular mobile click through the links which will eventually take you to the seller. All of the sellers are wonderful Montessori trained people who would (I promise!) be more than happy to answer your questions. 


Obviously I wouldn't recommend that everyone use eight different mobiles in their home. I do want to add that most of our mobiles have either found new homes visiting some of our friends or have reappeared in our home.

If you have an infant or are expecting, I would recommend using our three favourite mobiles. 

  • The Octahedron. This one really captured my imagination. Otis loved it and I was really amazed at how he would focus on it. 
  • The Dancers. This one is really special too. I think it is the holigraphic paper and the way the dancers move. Really lovely. 
  • Bell on a Ribbon. Otis used this for a couple of months and from start to end I could really see how it assisted with his concentration, coordination and him working towards purposeful movement.  

Of course, if you would like to know more and you think I can help, feel free to leave a comment or email. 


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