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Happy Birthday Caspar.

Sitting independently at the weaning table


He is holding his spoon, waiting patiently for his food. 

I have moved his table and chair around. The table is now against the wall rather than the chair. Although the table is solid the chair (with him in it) is heavier so he actually feels more stable/locked in with the table against the wall. 

While I was determined to make an outline for the utensils, Otis is now using three placemats a day and these are often intertwined with Caspar's. So far there are too many to outline. It's on my to do list - hopefully I'll get to it before I completely miss the opportunity. 

He tends to go off his solids while teething but is now back on track. He is eating solids three times a day and some snacks with Caspar. Snack usually involves sucking on some strawberries. He is still consuming plenty of breast milk and is having a small drink of water from his glass with his meals. While I haven't marked him on a growth chart I believe he is thriving. 

I was inspired by Emily's wonderful post about Montessori style solids and more specifically about her approach to weaning. I love the photographs of Vicki Jo feeding herself - amazing!

In turn I tried to snap some photographs of Otis actually eating but found it way too hard. Perhaps next time. So here he is just waiting. 

I don't think I've shown you his bibs before. They are a slightly smaller version of a pattern used by Cathy with the velcro closure to the side. And yes, they all match. 


Bon appetit Otis. 


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