This is called the push-up.
Another guest post!!

Textured fabric and block basket

I am always looking for new items for Otis to explore. I have been updating his treasure basket regularly but wanted to introduce a couple more 'baskets' to his shelves.

I really like the idea of having a few items in a basket to allow the child to experience this freedom, this new power and ability to choose which item they will reach for and play with.

Using a basket like this gives him the experience of sitting up for just a few minutes, eventually he will be able to sit up alone but for now he is using me for support. 

As for what to put in the baskets, it needed to be easy and I didn't want to spend a cent! 

I had some textured fabric ideas in mind. The texture book is such a lovely idea and a beautiful keepsake. I also like the tactile beanbags. But purely for simplicity I went for some plain textured fabric all which I had around the home. 




We have these lovely Spiel and Holz blocks in storage. I chose five and put them in a basket for him also. 



They are lovely to look at and feel so nice in the hands. Two new baskets and one happy baby!


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