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Christmas books and the dilemma of Santa

The Twelve Days of Christmas

We have started a new tradition of reading Christmas books by the tree before bed. I love Christmas books and would like to expand our collection. I am so in love with the book advent idea, but I don't think we would ever own enough books. Ever since Rebecca left a comment here I have been reading her blog, she recently put together the nicest book advent here, great neon bunting and what a stylish blog!

Today I read Caspar the Christmas Story. I am not sure he had heard it in it's entirety before. He asked where Santa was. I know a lot of parents face the dilemma of Santa. I believe Santa (and the Easter bunny) is a myth, not a lie or just a story but an important cultural myth. However, it is important, don't you think, to keep Santa in check. 

What I appreciate about Caspar is he is most considerate. He discusses which gifts he would like to give as much as those he would like to receive. I know he's only four but it's refreshing.  

Favourite Christmas books 2011

Back to Christmas books. This is our entire collection. It may be small but it is treasured. 

  • The Twelve Days of Christmas - Jane Ray (such whimsical illustrations)
  • Christmas Wombat - Jackie French and Bruce Whatley (Jackie French is a superstar)
  • The ABC Book of Christmas - Mark Mcleod (each page is illustrated by a different Australian illustrator and it works brilliantly)
  • The Usborne Book of Christmas Poems 

Favourite Four Christmas books 2011

I'd love to hear any recommendations. It's likely we would only buy another one book this year so taking suggestions for those held in the highest esteem. I would like my children to remember and cherish their memories of our Christmas book collection. 

The other thing I love about Christmas books is they are extra special, handled with a little more respect and care. Perhaps that's the magic of Christmas.  


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