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First finger painting experience


Can you call this finger painting? I'm not sure. You can call this a fun sensory experience.

This morning I was giving Otis his breakfast and after I spilt some on the table, I noticed him running his fingers through it. My first thought - finger painting.

I remember Steph's post on edible finger paint and knew this was the way to go. So we used one cup flour to just over one cup cold water. As usual I overdid the food colouring. It was fun and easy to clean up. 




Steph mentioned that after this activity her daughter took a nap. Otis too. I wiped his hands, took off his smock and he fell asleep while I was cleaning up - didn't even get a bath in.  

The tray we used is the Stokke Table Top, it sticks to the table with suction caps and is made for this type of activity. This is also a good tray to use if you are using the Tripp Trapp with Baby-Led Weaning. 


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