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MPMK - Guest post about shapes.

Life-Cycle Frogs

It's been almost a year since I have put out any life-cycle work for Caspar. But after a little of this. 



He took this book, opened to this page, to school for show and tell.


I knew it was time for this and these. 


The life-cycle cards are from Montessori Print Shop.


This one below isn't Montessori with the abstract looking frog, but it is cute, and the other pictures are life like. It looks lovely in a wooden bowl or tray on the shelf. From Mama Roots on Etsy.


Work like this really brings home to me how much Caspar is developing. Last year he would simply match the model animals to the pictures and put them in order. Now he tells the complete story. We also have both life-cycle sets for the butterfly. Lovely work that children seem naturally attracted to. 

If you are looking for ideas for brithday parties the reptiles (and amphibians) were a real hit and most of all the birthday boy was thrilled. We used and loved Reptiles Inc.


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