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Little Colour Bottles

Shampoo bottles

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and wondered what to do with those little shampoo bottles. Usually I don't use them and leave them behind. This time I took them home with me. I thought they would be good in an open and close activity for Otis one day. But for an activity for him now?? How about some little colour bottles. 

Little colour bottles

The labels were sticky and difficult to remove. I put a little food colouring and water in each bottle. I suggest gluing the lids on to avoid any spills. I have only put the lids on tightly as I want to reuse the bottles later. 

Little colour bottles in small basket

Little colour bottles

Otis is now sitting so comfortably at his weaning table. He only has one table so he does many of his activities here also. 

Otis getting bottles out of basket

I let him play and explore. I'm not teaching colour names or presenting a lesson. 

Otis D'Alton with colour bottles

The idea of the colour bottles is from the eighth month post by Meg at At Home with Montessori. Meg, I re-read these posts almost weekly and almost as frequently make one of your ideas. 

Otis started playing in and out. All bottles out. Now all bottles back in. 

I am thinking of other uses for these little bottles. I could add some rice to make shakers. Or fill each bottle with something different rice/dried beans/seeds maybe?? 


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