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When you talk to them, make sure they can see you speak. Maria Montessori made reference many times to the interest an infant will show towards it's mother and especially her lips as she speaks. A child as young as four months will be fascinated, captivated by lip movements. Evidently these movements please him more than most things because they stimulate the imitative capacity that coincides with his necessary inner... Read more →

I try to be gender neutral, I really do. However it is obvious when you come into our house that boys live here. I am sure there are girls with similar tastes and interests but you can see this is a boy house. When deciding on a birthday present for Caspar I wanted something that would interest him but I didn't want to buy him another 'toy'. Although terribly simple... Read more →

In previous years we haven't celebrated Caspar's birthday in any real Montessori way. This year he made it clear what he wanted to do - his own walk around the sun. I have never participated in this tradition but I knew that Caspar had. I knew the general idea and after telling him his birth/life story, showing him some photos and mementos, he took his globe around the sun. Four... Read more →

Occasionally on this blog I am asked about sponsorship. I love my white-space and this is not something I am willing to give up just yet. However I thought there would be a way that I can promote some of my favourite Montessori companies and give back to the readers that visit here as well. How about some giveaways? In the lead up to Christmas and in the spirit of... Read more →

Over at Modern Parents Messy Kids I wrote this guest post about learning with animals. I could have suggested thousands of activities. In their early years children seem to love everything about animals. Caspar made footprints for weeks, yes weeks. We would roll up the clay and wrap it and keep it in with the animals, the animals changed daily but somehow the pig remained his favourite. Pigs do make... Read more →

I wanted Caspar to have a real life, hands on cooking experience but at this age am really hesitant to use our stove top. We use gas which has a naked flame. Caspar is also left handed which means he (like me) will need to reach across the burner to access the control. I started thinking, I wanted his cooking experience to be real but with a reduced risk. I... Read more →

To round off some of the activities we did today, here is Otis playing with some keys. I remember my sister (much younger sister) playing with keys when she was little. When Caspar was young and wanted to play with my keys I didn't want to risk losing them. I had this set made up, the keys are all blanks. I keep them in my bag, when I reach for... Read more →