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Practical Life for a Special Occasion

The weather has been perfect. We had a lot of work to do. I put a couple of tables and chairs outside and set up a few practical life activities for Caspar. They weren't just activities, they were work than needed to be done. When he got home from school he went straight to work. He knew what they were for. A very special occasion. 

First to clean our trays. We used a Bi-Carb Soda paste and not only did it remove the stains it brought out a lovely shine. Yes, April these are your polishing mitts, perfect for the task. 



Measuring and cutting ribbon. The cardboard is used to measure the ribbon. They all need to be the same length. 



Counting and tonging and pouring. Do I need to say this took Caspar a really, really long time. I had to hold myself back. One bag for each guest. The cello packages got a little more handled (crinkled) than I was hoping for. But this is important work - he is contributing. What is a little crinkled cello. The very crinkled packet on his right is his master. No, they're not Easter eggs but sugared almonds. 


Picking rose petals. 


I put them on a tray and in the oven on the lowest setting for an hour. Then Caspar packaged them into more cello bags. 


I'll be super busy in the next couple of days (trying to be the best sister that I can) but I will be back on Friday for a look at a lovely Montessori family (and business owners) and a giveaway.

Now, I have a very important speech to write. Wish me luck, I never was very good at these things.  


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