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That special feeling

Do you remember the first time you stepped inside a Montessori classroom? Did you get the sense that you were somewhere special? 

Every Montessori classroom I have visited has had that special feeling. But does that feeling wear off, does it fade?

Our school year is coming to a close and there are a few families that have decided not to return next year. You would expect this as every school has people who come and people who go. But what is the main reason people leave Montessori schools? I wonder if it has to do with expectations.

One thing I know is the success of schooling cannot be made after a couple of months or a year. Commitment to the method is required and success not sought. Yes, it is the process not the outcome. If you as a parent are seeking some outcome as a mark of success of the school year, this may not be the school or method for you. 

For me that special feeling has never faded. Although we have had difficulties I remember the reasons why we chose this school and this method of education in the first place.

  • Freedom
  • Respect
  • Community
  • Individuality 
  • Beauty

I have also learnt this year it's not only commitment to the method. It's commitment to the Directress, the Principal, other children and their parents and the wider school community. It's this wider school community that contributes to this special place, that special feeling.

I feel that if you do not have this commitment then a Montessori school is never going to work for you. If you do have this commitment, I guarantee it will be tested. But Montessori schooling isn't a risk, the rewards are obvious if you know where to look for them. 



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