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Holiday Cards 2011

D'Alton 2011 Christmas Cards

This is the card we are giving this year. It's from a school fundraising activity. I love the concept. The child makes the picture A4 size, depending on their skill level. Here Caspar has used some cutting and pasting, painting and drawing. The school arranges for the picture to be made into a card. You have the choice to purchase. We usually buy a couple of packs. I don't know how much profit the school makes but as a parent this is one of my favourite fundraisers. 

I love that Caspar's image is of a Christmas tree, at night and snow is falling. He still believes it will snow here for Christmas. 

Caspar and Otis have put their handprints inside the card. A nice way for our friends and family to be able to connect with them. We use paint stamp pads for best results but you could always just paint the child's hand. For our family we put inside one of Caspar's school photos. It's the first year he has had official school photographs and of course, we are biased, they are gorgeous.

Since my photography has improved I have thought about making my own cards. Still simple but something like this. 

Season's Greetings


Happy holidays

Perhaps next year. I cannot get enough of those night shots. I think I might take a few more shots of candles and christmas lights before the season is over. 

I have noticed a trend towards creating Christmas cards online. Tiny Prints have given me a discount code for you to use if you are this way inclined. They look super stylish. 

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I wonder how many people use this option. What do you prefer? Store bought, handmade, produced online or even the good old school fundraiser? Whichever way I am always delighted to receive a card in the mail. It's lovely when people take the time to write.