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Information is power

Information is power. Yes it is. We live in a fortunate country, in fortunate times. Imagine though if your access to information was limited.  

Earlier in the year I gave away a few of my Montessori books, those I no longer used. After this I was approached by a lovely Directress. Due to the location of her school and lack of resources they don't have the kind of access to information, to Montessori books, that we take for granted. From that moment on I committed to saving my books with the intention of donating them to this school.

So I was thinking, perhaps you would like to join me?

If you have any Montessori or Montessori related books that you no longer use, would you consider donating them? Good condition but gently used is ok. Believe me it's a good cause. I won't be publishing any further details here. Please email me or leave a comment with your email address if you are interested.