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Montessori in Belgrade

I love to see and hear what Montessori means to others. Milena is from Belgrade, Serbia and I would love to share her story with you. 

Milena and her husband are both interested in Montessori and have attended basic courses on Montessori and Montessori in the home at the Montessori Association of Serbia www.montesori.org.rs. Milena has also attended workshops at her daughters kindergarten. I prompted Milena with a couple of questions, I have left the translation largely unedited, I am sure you can follow just fine. 


Can you tell us a little about yourself, your family and where you live?

My name is Milena. I am a mother of a girl Teona, who is 26 months. And the third member of family is dad and husband UroŇ°. We live in a family house in the city of Belgrade, the Serbian state, the beautiful Balkan Peninsula, on the European continent.


When and how did you first become interested in the work of Montessori?

Before, I came into the marriage, became a wife and mother blessed, I am interested in how the family relationships, and on the child as being that from the very moment of conception. The book was recommended to us by my dear professor, was Absorbing mind ... that title is being of all. 


Do you have any tips for parents creating Montessori inspired spaces at home?

Above all, parents should refer to the harmonic, then the space is filled with love, which the child absorbs, feels, that it breathes and living in an everyday life. Of course our creativity supplements.


Are there any books, websites, blogs that you could recommend?

There are all valuable books, which  primarily, Dr. Maria Montessori left. We are grateful that there is such a being, who lived her entire life for children and surrendered to them. Also, all sites are available AMI society throughout the world.



Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration, we find in the truth that a child is in itself good. Whether the your child become a good man, depends on us and the environment. If the parents with their lives, especially the works, an example of good, the child will absorb it. We try to find joy in everything, do not mourn or anything, pray for the health of all children and all peoples of the world. Sure, there is nature, in which children and we need the more we stay, because this is where the soul acquires peace. And if the child acquires the peace, be at peace with everyone ..... and will be achieved through community with others.. Unconditional love, the child will be strengthened and obedience. And freedom, leading to independence.



Such a beautiful family. 
Thank you Milena.