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The hardest day...

Bird Seed Garland

Bird seed mixture ingredients

Happy Australia Day! Late in the afternoon while everyone else was resting Caspar and I entered the kitchen to make a Bird Seed Garland. He had a blast making this. 

Caspar with bird mixture

We used this recipe I found by following a couple of links. It's a good recipe because it uses basic ingredients. We only used half the recipe because we didn't need to make so much. It looked so good Caspar wanted to eat it!

Bird mixture

We pressed the mixture into small muffin tins and to speed up the drying process placed them in a warm oven. We strung them onto embroidery thread and positioned in the tree.  

Bird seed garland

This is our favourite bird watching tree. It's currently full of fruit so the birds are not going hungry. I'll remember this recipe for winter. It'll look great when the tree is bare. 

Excellent Bird Seed Garland

Please let me know if you have an alternative recipe to share. We'd love to experiment next time. 

Oh - I recently came across this blog and thought you might like it too.  


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