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Amy from Natural Aussie Families recently wrote an article Back to School BPA Free. Getting ready for the new school year was already on my mind. Caspar's old lunchbox was good in every way except for the BPA. I knew it had to be replaced. 

Many months ago I met with a friend who had a really great lunch box. She gave me the details of Little Green Table and the rest is history. Caspar's new lunch box is completely and confidently BPA free and still meets my other requirements. It's a must that he can use it independently and that it can go in the dishwasher.

We chose the ECO Lunchbox and while I was there picked up some Kids Konserve storage containers, great for travelling and snacks for Otis. 

Food containers

We already use 4 My Earth pockets. I also recently picked up a BPA free water bottle for Otis from At Home with Montessori.

Caspar doesn't usually use a lunch box at home but he really wanted to try this one out. I love how authentic the stainless steel feels. I'd actually like one of these for myself. 

Caspar eating lunch

I'm not sure what to do with his old lunch box. Perhaps storage for art or craft supplies. 

Looking at the lunch boxes of some of Caspar's friends a lot of them contain BPA or the BPA content is unknown. I would love to hear if anyone else has gone BPA free or if this is on your mind.


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