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Hair washing - why didn't I think of this?

Caspar's shampoo bottles

This falls into the category of why didn't I think of it sooner. The idea came from April after the post about Little Colour Bottles. You know she's not only the gal behind goosedesigns she's also a Montessori teacher. Lucky kids.

Anyway, I know this wouldn't work for everybody. Caspar doesn't have much hair. He had his first hair cut at three. It's also really fine. 

Hair washing has always been a drama. Then I questioned, why am I still washing his hair for him? I know as parents we want to look after our children, but why do something for them they can do themselves. Also Caspar is a shower kind of kid now. I don't like getting wet every time he needs help. 

I didn't like the idea of using the single serve bottles, I really don't want to be filling up shampoo bottles everyday. I don't trust him with a full shampoo bottle either. I simply filled up and labelled baby shampoo bottles left over from Otis. They are small but not too small and I'll only have to fill them up every week or so. If he happens to spill, squirt or otherwise use the entire bottle it's not such a loss. 

Has it worked? Yes, his hair has never been cleaner and he hasn't once complained of getting shampoo in his eyes. Hooray. 

Don't you love the smell of freshly washed kid's hair? Yum. We're not currently using it but MOP Pear Shampoo is my absolute favourite for kids. Have smell of it and you'll know what I mean.     

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