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Caspar and other things

Mini pots and pans

Otis banging measuring cups and spoons

Otis banging still!

Sitting, non-mobile babies are the best aren't they?  I'm not ready to let him loose in the kitchen yet but he had a blast (and was oh so cute) making noise with these metal measuring cups and spoons. 

The gorgeous quilt he is sitting on was a gift from my cousin (Thanks Rach!). There are so many crafty/sewing projects that I would love to do. Quilting I believe takes time, skill, patience and accuracy. All of which I lack right now. I haven't given up though. Just acknowledging now isn't the right time. 

Anyone have experience quilting from a kit? It must be easier. I'm dreaming of this quilt but I'm not sure I have the courage. 


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