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This post will give you some insight into our day. Hopefully it will answer questions about how and what we do. It's school holidays and we have planned to spend the day at home. Keep in mind this is just a snapshot. 

Caspar reading books on bed

When I wake my husband has left for work and Caspar is up and dressed. Otis is awake and we all have breakfast. I shower and get ready for the day. Otis stays near me playing with a basket of toys on the floor. Caspar sits on my bed and reads. Much like in this post. Half an hour later he is still there reading.

Otis in room, Caspar in lounge

Otis spends some time in his room before being joined by Caspar. I tidy and do some laundry. Caspar then goes into the lounge for some imaginary play. At the moment he is big on imaginary play. He usually plays pirates or police. 

Playing blocks together

Otis joins Caspar. Caspar is playing with his cars and then they play blocks together. 

Caspar packs up

Caspar packs up.

Otis morning nap

Otis gets tired. I put him in his room and keep checking on him. Eventually he sleeps.

Caspar using Mystery Box

Caspar and I play mystery box. I choose three animals (giraffe, elephant and zebra) and three fruits (orange, apple and banana). The child uses touch to identify the object. This is easy for Caspar and we play mainly for fun. Caspar and I eat lunch.

Otis eating and playing ball

Otis wakes and has his lunch (banana, strawberry, pasta and chicken). Otis plays in his room while I clean and tidy lunch dishes. Caspar joins Otis and they play. 

Boys outside

The boys share pasta and crackers on a blanket on the grass outside. I notice Otis sitting with his legs in a new position. Caspar is working on a photography project and takes some photographs outside.

Caspar making footprints

It's a lovely warm day so we put some water in our clam shell. Caspar makes footprints and plays in the water. He could do this all day. 

Learning to use dropper

Caspar says he wants to do some colour mixing. Last time he tried colour mixing he had difficulty using the dropper. To help him with the dropper I give him this activity first. Otis sits next to him having some yoghurt. 

Colour mixing

Caspar then continues with colour mixing. 

Otis afternoon nap

Otis gets tired and I put him in his room for his afternoon nap. He keeps on getting out of bed. I read to him in my arms until he settles then put him back down to sleep.

Caspar writing a letter

While Otis takes a (very short) nap Caspar does some creating. I tidy, get a snack for myself and have a cool drink. I help Caspar write a letter to his friend Gabby and he continues drawing.

Nature walk

Otis wakes and we go on a nature walk. Caspar continues with his photography project and Otis naps. 


When we return there is some craziness while we wait for my husband to get home. Once he is home he plays with the kids then it's dinner, bath, play and bed. 

Besides the decision to spend the day at home our activities are not planned. The only time we plan is if we are going to do something that needs materials like our recent scarecrow making or tomorrow's Scavenger Hunt.

Wow, that is my longest post ever. Thanks for reading (or skimming) to the end. I hope it answers more questions than it creates. If you do have any questions though let me know. 


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