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Following my previous post on his not so unusual planking technique, Otis is now up on all fours. Don't be fooled though. He's not crawling. He's launching! Up on all fours, rocking, then... launch. At least he's moving forwards. He'll do a little commando crawl too. At nine months I'm surprised he's not crawling. There's no rushing these things. I just keep on giving him lots of down time and lots of targets to crawl launch towards. Did I mention Caspar received some LEGO for Christmas. Eek. Read more →

Our kitchen so often reflects our lives. Sometimes busy and fast. Sometimes slow and easy. Our kitchen also reflects our relationship with our children. In recent times it reflects Caspar's desire for more. More independence. More challenge. Gone are the days of juicing by hand. The best part about using this juicer is he can juice more fruits, more vegetables, more variety. Caspar has watched me use this juicer many times. Each time absorbing how I use it. Where I put my hands. Now he can do it all my himself. It's what it's all about. Read more →

Recently I was chatting to another mum. She has a son a month or so younger than Otis. She mentioned that she breastfeeds on one side only. "Me too!" I exclaimed. Then I realised I hadn't told anyone before. Is it common? When I had my six-week checkup after the birth of Caspar I told my Doctor that he fed easier on one side. She told me that it is entirely possible to breastfeed your baby on one side only. However with Caspar I continued to have difficulty feeding and the oversupply continued forever. I meticulously feed him evenly on... Read more →