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The hardest day...


The hardest day in my parenting life. I was up all night and morning comforting our dog. He didn't make it. We was old and had been with us for a very long time. He's family, like our first child. Caspar slept through it all. I didn't know how to tell him. How to talk about life, love and death with a four year old?

I sat next to him with Otis playing in a different room. I was calm and clear. I used real words and told the truth. Caspar seems rather clinical about it. Perhaps he'll feel differently in a couple of days. Today he was mostly concerned about me. He wanted to make me happy. I wept all day. I tried to control my grief but at the same time needed to share with Caspar the process of losing a loved one. My eyes are sore. I'm so tired. I loved that dog so much. 


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