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Toys, toys, toys

Bruder trucks

I wanted to write a short post about toys. Caspar is no different to most children in the toys that he has. So this post isn't special in any regard. I really wanted to point out that he does have toys and we are not as constrained as it might have appeared from the post on his room

His favourite toys by far are his Bruder trucks and diggers. He has a few of these stored on the floor of his wardrobe as pictured above. We rotate these regularly or as requested with the rest of his collection stored on the very top shelf of his wardrobe. We love Bruder as they are replicas of the real thing, built to scale with working parts. 

We also have three baskets and a tin that are stored in our living room. We sometime rotate these and other times we have them all out. Playmobil, cars and trucks, puppets and a train set. Caspar received the Playmobil for Christmas and we are still learning how to store and handle toys with so many small parts. Caspar has a very small Lego collection and a few other toys that are stored on his shelves with his other materials or in our storage cupboard (which will be in the very next post). He also has a bag of dress-ups or as he calls it his "costume bag" floating around the house. 

Caspar's toy baskets

There were a few discussions about toys at Christmas time. Now that Caspar is four our family and friends have a really good idea of the toys that we like and Caspar likes the best. As long as the toy isn't dangerous or violent we allow Caspar to keep and play with all the toys he is given. We have found open communication and some times very specific suggestions work well. 

Looking at these toys it's obvious Caspar is a boy. Before having children I wasn't convinced that boys liked trucks over dolls, I thought they were conditioned this way. But now I know it is so true, at least in this case. He does like pink though.   


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