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Favourite things at Mini Piccolini

Caspar's new rain coat

You cannot tell by the picture above but the sky has been dark and overcast. We've had a bit of rain too. Just enough for Caspar to try out his new rain coat. Dark skies and school holidays = lots of indoor activities.  

Have you ever visited Mini Piccolini? Mina is a stylish mom from Sweden. You know I love to write a guest post so when Mina asked I jumped at the chance. So over at Mini Piccolini today you will find Kylie and Caspar's Favourite Things. I've limited it to five, I really could list many more. As a matter of circumstance they all involve indoor activities. Perfect for those experiencing the cold and wet weather or even snow!

I would love it if you could check out my post and let me know what you think, are any of these your favourite things too?


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