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Caspar washing floor

A short post to share some sites I have enjoyed recently.

Sara from Feeding the Soil recently shared her Montessori Home Living Room which is so lovely and perfect for Henry who is almost one.

If you have older children you will love Neptune's L'atelier at Montessori ici. I wish Neptune could come over and help me with our supplies!

For those outside Canada you may be excited to hear that Beginning Montessori has a new look site that makes international postage a cinch. 

If you are in Australia and looking for low shelving Montessori Child have now listed their Wooden Shelves on their site. These are the same shelves that we use in Otis's room.

If I lived in the US or Canada I would order this Natural Kids Shelf listed on Etsy. I love the modern look.

I also have a fantastic give-away later this week. No matter the age of your child or if you are a teacher I guarantee you will love this.  

The above photograph is of Caspar washing the floor. It has always been a favourite activity of his.