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Natural toothpaste, compostable toothbrush, made in Melbourne!!

Clean and healthy teethCertified Organic Banana BPA Free!

You know how when you find a product you really love you want to tell everyone about it? 

I found something.

Natural toothpaste by Jack N' Jill. Recommended by Natural Aussie Families. The toothbrush is compostable. Can you believe it, compostable. This will be fun!

ToothpasteToothbrush packet

The packaging is super cute. It's the only natural toothpaste I could find made in Australia. To be honest it would be worth importing. No matter where you lived. 

Jack N' Jill

Have I mentioned before that Otis has teeth, lots of teeth? He has eight with another two just about to break through. That makes ten teeth at ten months. We have been wiping his teeth with a soft cloth, but he bites. Hard. Time for a toothbrush Otis. 

Otis brushing his teeth!!

Oh what lovely teeth you have!

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