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You know how when you find a product you really love you want to tell everyone about it? I found something. Natural toothpaste by Jack N' Jill. Recommended by Natural Aussie Families. The toothbrush is compostable. Can you believe it, compostable. This will be fun! The packaging is super cute. It's the only natural toothpaste I could find made in Australia. To be honest it would be worth importing. No... Read more →

What materials (other than practical life) does Caspar use? Hannah asked this question many weeks ago. As you know we don't homeschool. Although like most parents we do some educational activities at home. It's just that we take a Montessori approach. Like some parents use flashcards or LeapFrog we use Sandpaper letters or a chalk board. We don't have a lot of Montessori materials at home. We have materials I... Read more →

Otis has been practicing the pincer for a while now. With small edible objects mostly. Sultanas, rice puffs and these Happy Baby Organic Puffs. Cooked peas and corn kernels too. Actually anything small even the smallest crumb found on the floor he will pick up with his forefinger and thumb and put into his mouth. The pincer is most important as it prepares the hand for writing. Below Otis is... Read more →

Otis is now really comfortable working at his table. You can see below that his feet are now flat on the floor. His posture looks good. He is working with some puzzles. Ideally he would start with a circle puzzle. But we only have this multi-shaped puzzle. He has also been playing with some other puzzles (above) that are good for little hands. He now has greater control over his... Read more →

Finally a sound game that he likes. Initially I was too keen and possibly too pushy with the I Spy games. He would sometimes play but hesitantly. Like any good parent I never gave up and tried to find a way of making the activity more attractive to him. These Initial Sound Cards pictured above are from Montessori for Everyone. I knew that he liked sorting and categorising so I... Read more →