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Resisting the temptation to fix

Practicing the Pincer

Pincer items

Otis has been practicing the pincer for a while now. With small edible objects mostly. Sultanas, rice puffs and these Happy Baby Organic Puffs. Cooked peas and corn kernels too. Actually anything small even the smallest crumb found on the floor he will pick up with his forefinger and thumb and put into his mouth. 

The pincer is most important as it prepares the hand for writing.

Below Otis is using the Pincer Grasp Cylinder Block from At Home with Montessori. Meg is right, it is irresistible. Otis likes to pull it out a little then push it back in. 

Otis using pincer cylinder

For me it's a little like the Interlocking Discs, it's so Montessori.

All wood. It looks beautiful too. 

Pincer Cylinder from At Home with Montessori

I believe (correct me if I am mistaken) this is one of the materials used in Montessori Infant Communities. Delighted to have it in my home and so, so pleased to be able to offer it to my infant.

Do you have any other ideas on how to promote the pincer at this age? I'd love to know.  


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