Keeping it Real - Sweeping with a Baby
Take a night walk

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Otis on floor bed playing with handmade soft blocks.

We are having a quiet week here. Otis is feeling unwell and I need to catch up on some sleep. If you are interested in reading a little more about us click over to Montessori En Ce Nid where I answer some of Suzanne's questions. I hope I represented my family well. Sometimes it's difficult to accurately express ourselves. I hope you like the article. 

Can you see the pillow behind Otis in the above photograph. I made the pillowcase from my growing collection of Cloud 9 fabric. I had previously discussed quilting. My sewing confidants advised me against it, suggesting I take a class first. Since these are the same people who would need to rescue me if I got into trouble I am best to follow their advice. Perhaps one day I'll take a class. In the meantime I can make an awesome pillowcase.