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You guessed it. Crawling.

We speak one language. It's called Montessori.

Caspar working on circles

I would love to travel. Visit Montessori homes all over the world. I would take photographs and compile them into one beautiful book. Now I'm dreaming! 

I feel that this site is truly international. Comments, feedback, emails come frequently from around the world. I love that. 

What I have found is that no matter our country we speak the same language. It's called Montessori.  

Caspar has been exercising his pencil control with sheets from here. It doesn't matter that they are not in English. I apologise for not noting the French site where I originally found them.

I like to dig a bit deeper than English speaking sites. 

France anyone? I love Le journal de Liv & Emy. How I would love to meet Eve!

How about some beauty from Italy at La Casa nella Prateria

Here are a few more. Remember if the site doesn't have a translate button there is always Google Translate

Blog bebe Montessori

école et cabrioles

Mon Petit Homme

Ok this is just a start, my list is rather long. I would love to hear your favourite overseas/non-English Montessori blog. I'm sure there are many I am yet to discover.