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A few things and looking for a pen-pal!

Caspar writing

Rebecca at Simply Natural Mom recently wrote about Montessori in her home. I really love her honest and down to earth approach. It makes my heart sing to read posts like this. Real moms sharing how they use Montessori in their homes. Real moms, real children, real homes. Thanks for the link Rebecca!

Sara mentioned today that we have a (tentative!) release date for our collaboration. June 4!! I cannot find the words to explain how excited I am about this. 

On a lighter note I am looking for a couple of pen-pals for Caspar. I know there must be services for this kind of thing but I feel (hope!) we will be able to find a couple of like minded families here. I am looking for international pen-pals who can commit to regular, ongoing communication. Caspar is four years old and I would love his pen-pals to be of a similar age. We have started writing to pen-pals before but they haven't worked out so please only let me know if you are genuine. 

I love the idea that through regular communication you get a feel for the everyday life of someone in a different country. As a child I had two pen-pals both from India. It was a wonderful experience. Anyway, please let me know if you think this is something you would be interested in. 

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