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Art appreciation?

Cones - Bert Flugerman (up close)

Cones - Bert Flugelman

I didn't know how to approach art appreciation at home. The traditional activities we tried felt a little forced and contrived.  So I'm on the look out for fresh and fun art appreciation activities and the ones we find the most successful I'll share with you.

Caspar has been to the National Gallery many times and our National Portrait Gallery is sensational. However he generally gets bored and is unresponsive. Today we visited the Sculpture Garden. 

Caspar didn't want to go even though he had never been before. Once we got there his eyes lit up. This is a wonderful way of sharing art with a child, especially one full of energy. As we walked (or ran) from sculpture to sculpture we didn't know what we would find next. It was magical! Check out the Cones sculpture pictured above, they are amazing.

Hill arches - Henry Moore

Il ook - Mark di Suvero

The water vapour is from the sculpture Fog by Fujlko Nakaya. For locals or those visiting keep in mind the vapour only appears at 12.30-2.00pm. 

Fog at Sculpture Garden

Fog Sculpture - Fujlko Nakaya #2

I wish we had come sooner as it is suitable for a much younger child, even a toddler would enjoy it.   

If you decide to visit please let me know how your child/ren respond to it. I think Caspar will be talking about it for days.  

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