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There are no surprises in my favourite things for Otis over at Mini Piccolini today. The things I didn't mention but are also favourites; the Ergo (yes, I love it now we don't need the infant insert), the Tripp Trapp high chair, floor bed, small chair and table, his new Puka Puka mobile, yes I could go on. One thing I am struggling with for both of my children is a suitable night light. If you have a good one please let me know. Currently we leave our passage light on all night!

Love infant Montessori? Have a look at this new book mentioned by Eve here. I don't have a copy yet but it looks beautiful.  

Also I will be compiling some of my most frequently asked questions by topic. I love interacting with other Montessori parents on a personal basis but many of the questions I receive are the same. Yes, this tells me we are facing similar issues. Leave a comment or email me to ensure your question gets answered. Before I started this blog I never asked a blogger a question, I wasn't sure if it was appropriate or if I would get a response. I want you to feel comfortable here. Honestly if there is a something you really want to know, just ask but please keep the questions Montessori or parenting related.

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