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New to our bookshelf

Otis at book shelf

We purchase so few book these days. The library is a great resource and for many books or topics it is totally unnecessary to have them in our home permanently. We put more thought into a book before we purchase it. Is it a book that we want or need permanently? We recently found a couple of books to which we answered - yes. 

Otis reading Ten Little Fingers Ten Little Toes

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes by Mem Fox. 

I loved this book when Caspar was young, I regret not purchasing our own copy then. It's rare that Otis as the second child gets a new book. We all love Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes and love the global feel the book has as it explores the differences and similarities of babies from around the world. Love, love, love. Mem has that special touch. All of her books read so well and as a parent I don't tire of reading them out loud. This book is the same, lovely rhyme and rhythm. 

Celebrate Easter

Holidays Around the World. Celebrate Easter by Deborah Heiligman. 

Caspar though his interest in geography and his new pen pals has a greater understanding of cultural differences. I thought it was the perfect time to introduce a book about the many ways people around the world celebrate Easter. This book published by National Geographic is simple, light and contains wonderful bright photographs. I feel it is perfect for his level of knowledge. This book would be great for those in the 4-6 category but any older and the child would want more detail.  

13 Artists Children Should Know

13 Artists Children Should Know. 

I thought seriously about books which may assist with our art appreciation. Oh so many choices. At this stage we don't intend on studying any artists specifically and if we do we will utilise the library. I was looking for a nice general kids coffee table book. I don't intend on presenting any lessons using this book. I'll leave it on the coffee table or on the book shelf and see if it interests Caspar. If not I'll put it away for a while. This book is part of a series including 13 Paintings Children Should Know and 13 Sculptures Children Should Know. I really like the quality of the images and that I have already learnt a thing or two. This book including it's images really adds variety and a sense of richness to our book collection.

4,962,571 by Trevor Eissler

4,962,571 by Trevor Eissler.

If you follow Montessori blogs you'll already have read a review or two of this book. It's a delight. It follows a young boy as he explores his interest in numbers his own way. Almost every time we read it Caspar runs off to count. Who doesn't love that. At four this is a good book for Caspar. Any younger and I don't think he would have caught the concept, it might be different for your child if they already have a strong interest in numbers. This is also a perfect book to give as a gift as it is clearly presented as a Montessori book and it makes you consider what Montessori is really about. To quote a good friend "it's not what they learn but how they learn". Exactly. A big thank you to Vicki from the Montessori Shop who introduced this book to us. The illustrations are delightful too. 


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