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Otis packing up, putting away


I recently mentioned in the comments section that as soon as Otis could sit up we engaged him in packing up and putting away. It simply starts as telling him we are going to pack up as we slowly and deliberately put his things away with him watching. Then over time he helps. I rarely clean or tidy either of my children's rooms without them being present. I want them to have ownership over their own space. At the same time I don't expect an 11 month old or a four year old to totally keep their rooms clean and tidy themselves. So where possible we do it together. So you get the picture this is Otis putting his blocks away. The second video I couldn't help posting as Otis is talking and is super cute (well I think so anyway).

He's not perfect and it turns into a bit of fun but this is how it starts. And I recommend starting this young. If you always pack up for them it's a little hard to turn things around at two, three, four or even later.


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