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Our calendar 2012

I promised I would share our calendar system as soon as I found something that worked for us. I was desperate. Caspar needed a concrete way of learning the days of the week, especially distinguishing between week days and the weekend and counting down to special events, visitors, holidays and birthdays. We've tried a traditional calendar but it wasn't at all engaging and not large enough to record all we wanted. 

I've had this calendar bookmarked. I knew it wasn't exactly what we needed but I found it inspirational. I also love this concept from the Wallsticker Company but knew because of it's size I wouldn't be able to convince my husband. We settled on a similar calendar on a much smaller scale and with lots of room to customise. We have this one from Etsy.

The calendar usually isn't this blank, I've removed some of the detail for privacy. Also I clean the right side panel every morning so Caspar and I can fill it in. Usually we record the temperature and weather. We're not tracking all phases of the moon but are marking full and new moons. We haven't starting a conversation on seasons just yet but I'm sure that will be next. I also wanted to show you this calendar before next month, yes April will be a busy one for us.   

As you can see it features prominently in our living space. Which is why I waited until I found the perfect calendar. It's also our family calendar so I didn't want it hidden or in Caspar's room. Otis can easily reach it but because we use a wet erase chalk marker he barely even smudges it. Almost baby proof.

You have probably noticed that I've started the week on a Monday. I've always felt the week finishes on a Sunday and starts on a Monday, but I'm not sure if I should be teaching Caspar my crazy ways. Another thing that I like about this calendar is it's chalkboard. Caspar loves to use it. I paid some attention to the calendar in his classroom recently. It too is surprisingly simple. Just days of the week applied with blutack. I probably wouldn't call it beautiful but definitely appealing.  

Chalkboard calendar



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