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Our modest start on Easter preparations

Our Easter tree 2012

Red egg on Easter tree

We've made a modest start on Easter preparations. Easter tree decorated - check. You can see our tree from last year here. This year we wanted to keep the tree off the floor and out of the reach of Otis. The bare branches suit our season, we are coming into Autumn and our cooler months. My favourite egg is the red one pictured above. It looks like a mama bird affectionately tending to it's baby. 

My baby has some eggs of his own. A mixture of wooden and crochet eggs. The crochet eggs are from Etsy here and are delightful to look at and to touch. They are made for babies so a little teething is ok. I hope the photographs do them justice because they are no ordinary crochet eggs. They really are vibrant. I love the contrast between the smoothness of the bare wood and the texture of the cotton crochet. 

Ot with eggs

Eggs in basket



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