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I didn't know how to approach art appreciation at home. The traditional activities we tried felt a little forced and contrived. So I'm on the look out for fresh and fun art appreciation activities and the ones we find the most successful I'll share with you. Caspar has been to the National Gallery many times and our National Portrait Gallery is sensational. However he generally gets bored and is unresponsive. Today we visited the Sculpture Garden. Caspar didn't want to go even though he had never been before. Once we got there his eyes lit up. This is a wonderful... Read more →

To improve concentration and problem solving skills. To stimulate and strengthen the hand. To improve coordination. To create good work habits. To extend and challenge the child. Why not? For a keeping it real moment. What I'm sure every child does with the cup. As a side note Otis is now drinking from his cup with one hand all of the time. I think it's a true sign that he is observing us and following our lead. Read more →

Read to your children. Read widely. Signs. Labels. Recipes. Letters. Fiction. Non fiction. Reference books. Receipts, dockets. Lists, notes. Instructions, manuals. Forms. Catalogues, brochures. Tickets. Menus. Poetry. I have started reading both the newspaper and National Geographic to Caspar. I always read or flip through it first and find articles that are appropriate and might interest him. Please note these are adult publications. The photography in National Geographic is breathtaking. Can you believe the field mouse in the top photograph? Caspar insisted that it wasn't real. For a child who doesn't watch the news on television, the newspaper is a... Read more →

One time a child came to me saying that he wanted to see something very beautiful, of which he had heard much talk - the stars. He had never seen them because he had to go to bed very early. - Maria Montessori. The Child in the Family Caspar doesn't stay up late often. His bed time is between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. It's purely a coincidence that I have written about two night activities in one week. I have written previously how Caspar has been enjoying using the Phases of the Moon Cards and Chart from Montessori for Everyone. We... Read more →

Rebecca at Simply Natural Mom recently wrote about Montessori in her home. I really love her honest and down to earth approach. It makes my heart sing to read posts like this. Real moms sharing how they use Montessori in their homes. Real moms, real children, real homes. Thanks for the link Rebecca! Sara mentioned today that we have a (tentative!) release date for our collaboration. June 4!! I cannot find the words to explain how excited I am about this. On a lighter note I am looking for a couple of pen-pals for Caspar. I know there must be... Read more →

A friend recently brought my attention to 101 Things Parents Can Do to Help Children. I think you'll like it. If you were looking for a practical 'how to' guide for Montessori in the home this would be an excellent start. Reading all 101 things made me think about what is important and how we can do the best by our children. With so many great resources around it can be easy to feel like we should (or feel guilty if we don't) provide our children with with endless, fantastic, creative, learning activities. We need to be reminded occasionally that... Read more →