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Questions to ask at parent teacher interviews

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We have parent teacher interviews tomorrow. Last year I left the interview feeling like I hadn't learnt anything new. We know the school well and we know the teacher well. We communicate regularly with the teacher and address concerns as they happen. This time I want to be more prepared and take in some questions. Here are my top questions for parent teacher interviews. 

1. What are my child's strengths?

2. What are my child's weaknesses?

3. How does he interact with other children in the classroom?

4. Are there materials that he resists or is hesitant to use?

5. What is your overall impression of my child?

I'm not sure if I will remember all of these questions, perhaps I should write them down. Here are a couple of other questions I'll be asking.

6.  Does he eat at snack time? What food does he eat and what doesn't he eat? (The school provides the food for snack).

7. What can we do to support his learning at home?

I'm sure the interview will go well but they always make me feel a little nervous. How about you? I'd love to hear any questions you ask at parent teacher interviews. Or if you are a teacher what are some of the good questions you have been asked by parents? 

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