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Take a night walk

Let's take a night walk

A friend recently brought my attention to 101 Things Parents Can Do to Help Children. I think you'll like it. If you were looking for a practical 'how to' guide for Montessori in the home this would be an excellent start. 

Reading all 101 things made me think about what is important and how we can do the best by our children. With so many great resources around it can be easy to feel like we should (or feel guilty if we don't) provide our children with with endless, fantastic, creative, learning activities. We need to be reminded occasionally that there are many simple activities that can really enrich our children's lives. It's a good document and it gave me a nice idea. 

If you live anywhere near Canberra you will know our current weather circumstance. Rainy, wet, rainy. When there was the slightest pause we went on a night walk. The rain had brought out some wonderful creatures. Just like a nature walk but better. It was a wonderful way of unwinding after a busy day and something totally out of the ordinary for us. 


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