Ring (and Cube) Stackers for 12 months
Home made shakers

Composting and recycling with kids

Caspar recycling

Composting and Recycling for children

We may have missed Earth Day but it's never too late to update your recycling and composting areas. I think these printables from Steph at Modern Parents Messy Kids look great. Nice, clear and simple. Updating an area is a sure fire way to stimulate the interest of your child.

We compost using the Bokashi system. Here is Caspar showing exactly how it's done. He was proficient even at three.  

Composting station

Bokashi in cupboard

We know composting is good for the Earth. Rich, awesome soil packed full of worms!

Worms in our garden

Caspar holding a worm

Edited: I'm glad no one picked this up before I did. Earth Day is on April 22. 

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