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DIY Coin Box

Otis playing Connect 4

We had finished playing Connect Four when Caspar and Otis begun to fill the frame with tokens. No strategy just having fun putting all the tokens in. Watching Otis's hand action made me think he was ready for a coin box. 

I have not purchased a coin box and when Caspar was little I made one out of an empty yoghurt container. This DIY is a compromise. No natural materials and not beautiful. It's functional but still a compromise on the traditional Montessori material. 

I asked Caspar to give Otis a lesson. Caspar loves this. He is channelling his teacher. He is patient and slowly shows Otis what to do. 

Caspar giving Otis a lesson with cion box

Otis probably didn't need a lesson. 

Otis using coin box

Otis with token in coin box

Otis putting blue token into coin box

I haven't put this on his shelves yet but when I do I'll present it on a tray like this. 

DIY Coin Box

I have mentioned this coin box previously on a post about using coloured tokens.

There are other options to a yoghurt container. A box, tin or jar could all work well as long as there is a slit at the top and a way the child can retrieve the tokens. 

I have a super busy week planned so I won't be back posting until the weekend. However I will continue to update our Photo of the Day.


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