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Exploring whole foods - Seafood

Caspar with magnifying glass and blueswimmer crab

We often go to our Farmer's Market for an authentic fresh food experience. Caspar has also grown a lot of fruit and vegetables himself. We take him to a butcher for meat and a fishmonger for seafood. 

When we buy fish it's usually in fillets with the bones and skin removed. It doesn't resemble the fish it came from. Our fishmonger is a fun place to visit. The whole store is chilled and it's wet. There are boxes and crates packed with ice and sea creatures. We brought home a small selection to explore. This seafood is fresh but it is not alive. 

Caspar exploring seafood

Caspar exploring blue swimmer crab

I was reminded that Caspar hasn't cooked with seafood before. He put some lemon and coriander in the fish and then wrapped it ready to bake. 

Caspar preparing snapper fish

Ready to bake

It is unlikely we'll ever take Caspar fishing. Although now I know for sure he has a greater understanding of the fish we eat, and exoskeletons. He learnt a lot about exoskeletons!

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