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High Chairs for a Montessori home

Free Play All Day

Otis mixing sand

During the school holidays it's important for us to take the opportunity to spend some days at home. I don't want my children to feel bored easily. I want them to use their minds and imaginations. Not to look to me for something to do, for entertainment. So we allow them as much free play as possible.

Outside I try not to hover but stay nearby. Otis is frequently physically constrained by closed doors. But leave our back door open and this is where you will find him. Here or at the strawberry patch.

It was actually rainy today. While I am happy for some wet play I decided to put a beach shade over the sand pit. That way he could stay in it all day. 

Otis playing with sand

Otis with pot, jug and bucket in sand pit

He's feeling better too. Sporting new molars!

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