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French Knitting and Pom Poms

Rainy day. Sick baby. From the moment I woke up all I could think about was going back to sleep. While Otis was sleeping I wanted to do something with Caspar that required very little energy. Why did I think French Knitting would be easy?

I thought this was for children. Once I got it started I realised this was way above Caspar's skill level, I found it difficult myself. Don't laugh, I'm no knitter. 

French Knitter

I remembered this idea below, it took me two minutes to make. 

To demonstrate Caspar sat on my lap. I put my arms around him so he could easily see and copy my movements. 

Caspar using French Knitter

He liked that it looked like a spider web. This really worked his concentration. 

It looks a bit like a spider web.

It was fun to do this together and I know with patience he can do it on his own. We agreed to leave it on his shelves. It will be interesting to see if he progresses with it. 

Handmade French Knitter

Next nap time we made a Pom Pom. With rainbow wool.

Make a pom pom

Yay pom pom

The best part was when he gave it to Otis. 

Otis loves his pom pom!

We knew he would like it!

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