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Making butter - by hand - with kids

Jars and jug of cream

April has given me many wonderful and interesting ideas. How about making butter in a baby food jar? She said it could be done. 

Empty clean jars with tight fitting lids, clean marbles and full cream at room temperature. 

Pour the cream into the jars.

Caspar pouring cream

Put a marble in each. 

Putting marble into jar

Then shake. A lot. For around five minutes. 

Caspar shaking jar - making butter

Even Otis can do it. We gave him a jar of this own. Check out the smile.

Otis shaking and making butter too!

Keep shaking past the whipped cream stage and you get butter. Pour out the liquid. Some people say rinse the butter with cool water, we didn't. We ate it straight away.

Butter in jar

We don't buy butter and usually don't eat it. But now I get why people started eating it in the first place. It was delicious. 

Caspar using butter

Next time we bake our own bread we'll make our own butter too. Serious fun. 

Caspar's homemade butter

Caspar spreading his butter


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