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Montessori Shoes and First Walkers

Montessori and Infant First Walker Shoes

What do you think of when you hear 'first shoes', 'first walkers', 'baby shoes'? I was confused with Caspar, I had no idea. I'm not sure with Otis, I'm still looking around. 

Otis hasn't worn shoes yet, I haven't even purchased him a pair but I think these are our main requirements:

  • Will stay on, even through crawling. Some suggest shoes that go up the leg a little.
  • Comfortable.
  • Enclosed and warm, it's Autumn here! 
  • Soft and flexible. 
  • Made from natural fibres.

Just to clarify while I am happy for him to go with bare feet with the cooler weather and to support his independence (I don't want to carry him outside) he will soon need shoes, some of the time.

Did you know some Montessori schools like their students to have separate indoor shoes. That is to assist with the indoor/outdoor transition and to keep the floor free of mud and dirt. Our school doesn't do this but I really love and would totally support the idea. I think most Waldorf schools do this too. It also keeps the room quieter with the children wearing soft soled shoes inside. 

I have complied a quick round-up of some of the shoes I am looking at. Keep in mind I'm looking at boy shoes. It appears that besides red most shoes clearly fall into blue/brown or pink. Also because shoes are lightweight (and the Australian dollar is so strong) I'm happy to buy overseas. 

1. Wooly Baby.

2. Michael Olaf. Recommended for use in Montessori Infant Communities, why not at home too? Michael Olaf have such a tremendous reputation. 

3. Nowali Basic.

4. Nowali Cable Knit.

5. Jazzy Toes.

6. Moccis. These also come in a wonderful assortment of colours and designs. 

7. Hanna Andersson.

8. Nowali Stripe. It you were going with the Montessori theme you would probably choose something more subtle but these are really cute. 

Wow, I don't want to overgeneralise but Sweden loves moccasins. 2-8 are all made in Sweden. I was surprised, these are not just for indoors. All of these suggest they are suitable for light outdoor use. I love that these are so comfortable the child could sleep in them.

9. Montessori Movers.

10. Jack and Lily.

11. See Kai Run.

12. Soft Star Shoes.

I'm really leaning towards number 2 because I would fill my house with Michael Olaf if I could. The advantage of the Nowalis is they come in a great range of sizes, we could all get a pair!

I'd love to hear if you've had success with any of these shoes. 

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